The artist Andrey Remnev
Solo Show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery

The Face of a Natural Force

Each painting of the series represents different states of the soul and nature. "Battlefield" is the soul of a person in the fight against passions, "Direction of the wind" is a mystical feeling of connection to the nature. "Fireworks" is a feeling of glee and joy. "Thunder" and "The Lightning" represent the thrill of indifferent force of nature, «Secret weapon» is a touch of mystery.
The series is inspired by Italy. Russian culture is famous for its sensitivity and susceptibility.
The Moscow Kremlin, The Cathedral of the Dormition, Cathedral of the Archangel were built by Italian architects and became an integral part of Russian culture.
Even the Russian big sundress, the famous sleeveless jacket, and kokoshnik as the origins of the Russian dress are found in an Italian clothing. Andrey Remnev often travels to Italy, and these experiences formed the basis of a new painting series. The visits to Pozzuoli and Naples, as well as love for the Italian artists Piero della Francesca and Benozzo Gozzoli are reflected in the new series. For many years Russian artists went to study in Italy, and Andrey Remnev is the heir of its culture.

Andrei Remnev's paintings are for leisurely watching, they are logical and rational. His technique is determined by his way of thinking and artistic temperament. Andrey Remnev's method is a complex layering technique based on the 17th century painting. In Russia it was called "Fryazhskoe" (Italian) icon painting. It was carried out by egg tempera and completed with oil paints. It was the time when Russian culture has not yet broken up with its tradition, but at the same time experienced Italian influence. This influence affected both the technique and the whole vision. It was the time of organic connection between Russian and world cultures.

Thunder and Lightning
2019, 60х60, oil on canvas
2019, 60х60, oil on canvas
From the Stove
2019, 60х60, oil on canvas
2019, 60х60, oil on canvas
Direction of the wind
2019, 60х60, oil on canvas
Secret weapon
2019, 60х60, oil on canvas
Music on the Water
2012, 100х50, oil on canvas
2012, 30x30, oil on canvas
2012, 30x30, oil on canvas
Sea of Marmara
2019, 60х60, oil on canvas
2019, 55х60, oil on canvas
Ice water
2019, 44х35, oil on canvas