The artist Andrey Remnev

"High Water"

Exhibition in the Art Centre "Moscow
28 october — 14 january 2017
High water is a state of nature, which has always worried me. It is an overflow of a river that usually happens in spring, and it is, of course, the Venetian aqua alta.

It is a state, when the sky changes over with the earth and everything reflects in the water; one has a feeling of inversion. The boundary between the sky and the earth, the top and the bottom, is erased; it seems that the clouds, the houses, the trees, the people – everything floats in the water.

That's the impression I often seek for in my paintings, when the colour of the sky, of the river and the dress of the heroine of the picture is the same, or the colour of clothes represents the medium in which the action develops.

Water is a very powerful artistic image that carries a lot of cultural meanings and allusions. For example, I have always been impressed by the 103rd Psalm, where the picture of the world takes place – "The abyss, like a garment, is its clothing. The waters will remain standing above the mountains." And, of course, the Venetian water, aqua alta, which, when looking at it, makes you forget about everything earthly, just like the waters of forgetfulness, the waters of the river Lethe of the realm of the dead. By their condition, my pictures look like a frozen reflection, it is always a pause, a stillness.

28 october — 14 january 2017

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